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NB Diaper Sampler - Offspring

RM 1.00


  • Possibly the thinnest diapers in the market – only 2.0mm in thickness!

  • Proprietary technology for maximum absorbency, minimum bulk

  • Lightweight and flexible for superior comfort and mobility

  • Ultra-thin and breathable, perfect for tropical weather!

  • Absorbs up to 450ml of saline (4-6 hours of average use)*

  • Best suited for day time use

  • Certified Cruelty-Free, and completely vegan!


We have put together this product option so that you may get a trial of the diapers without having to commit to the whole pack. You can choose any brand in our inventory and also by the amount that you wanted to try. 

We recommend that you try out at least 3 days for each brand before deciding if it's good or bad. 


5 pieces (estimate) per day

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