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NB Diaper Sampler - Merries

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  • Prevent Dispersion on Poo:
    • The wavy surface traps and holds poo!
    • The recessed areas of the soft sheet effectively trap the soft poo and prevent it from dispersing. 
    • No Leakage.
  • Gathers around the legs
    • Fits perfectly around baby's legs
    • Stays in place even when baby kicks! 
  • The polymers in Merries diapers can absorb up to 200 - 300 times the weight of fluid relative to its weight.
  • The corners are rounded and made of a soft material that is gentle and does not scratch the baby's skin and the reusable seal is so convenient!
  • When the strips change color to dark green, it is time to change the diaper! There's no design around the strips, making it easy to see when the color changes.


We have put together this product option so that you may get a trial of the diapers without having to commit to the whole pack. You can choose any brand in our inventory and also by the amount that you wanted to try. 

We recommend that you try out at least 3 days for each brand before deciding if it's good or bad. 


5 pieces (estimate) per day

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