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NB Diaper Sampler - BAMBO Nature

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Our eco-friendly, disposable baby diapers are free of harmful chemicals and all known allergens so they are certified skin-safe and perfect for sensitive skin.

Bambo Nature's unique, fully breathable backsheet keeps your bundle of joy’s skin dry, while our flexible latex-free leg cuffs and waistband enhance mobility for a playful playtime.

Speaking of performance, Bambo Nature diapers have a super absorbent three layer design that makes them ideal for overnight protection. And parents, you can rest easy because our new wetness indicator strip helps you know when changes are needed.



  • Our fully breathable backsheet promotes a cooler, more comfortable experience and helps keep fragile skin dry, thus reducing the likelihood of rashes and irritation.
  • Using improved technology, we created a thinner diaper design that allows for maximum absorbency without adding bulk for optimal mobility.
  • Our diapers and training pants are anatomically designed and feature strategically placed barriers to reduce the chance of leaks and blowouts.
  • Our super absorbent, three-layer design pulls moisture away from the skin, thus ensuring dryness and reducing the likelihood of a rash, even after multiple wettings.
  • Our refastenable hook tabs allow for easy repositioning, while our flexible side panels ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. Perfect for all day and all night protection.
  • Our new liquid-sensitive strip changes color to indicate wetness so parents can stay in-the-know. Now available on all diapers sizes 1—6.


We have put together this product option so that you may get a trial of the diapers without having to commit to the whole pack. You can choose any brand in our inventory and also by the amount that you wanted to try. 

We recommend that you try out at least 3 days for each brand before deciding if it's good or bad. 


5 pieces (estimate) per day

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