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How do I use my coupon?

  1. Coupons can only be used during checkout.
  2. At the Payment step, you will find a coupon code box above subtotal (on the right side of the page)
  3. To use your coupon code, enter it in the coupon code box and click "Apply Coupon"
  4. A corresponding deduction will be applied to your total amount
  5. Make sure to check if the voucher has been applied to your purchase before submitting the order.
  6. Please also note that coupons, sometimes have a minimum spend associated to them, and as such might cause your code to be invalid depending on the size of your shopping cart.

What is the minimum purchase of a Newsletter coupon?

Newsletter coupon varies depending on the current promotion.

Do take note on the minimum spending required before checkout to make sure coupons can be applied.

Can I use different coupons at the same time?

No. You can only use 1 coupon / coupon code per transaction.

How long is my coupon valid?

It varies. The expiration date is always displayed on your coupon / coupon codes.

Generally, coupons / coupon codes are valid for 30 days or less. The 30 days starts from the day you are notified that you have received a coupon, or the start of the campaign.

If you receive a coupon code via email, the expiry date of the coupons / coupon codes will be indicated in the email.

What happens if my coupon expires?

An expired coupon / coupon code is no longer valid.

Why do I get a message saying my coupon is invalid while trying to use it during checkout?

Each coupon may have different terms on minimum purchase and expiry period.

Please make sure your coupon is still valid and your order amount exceeds the minimum spend required.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Coupon Usage?

The following terms and conditions (T&Cs) apply to your use and redemption of promotional coupons or voucher codes, where such coupons are offered for no consideration (according to our Coupon Terms & Conditions)

How can I know about the promotions / sales TheaTheo offers?

You can subscribe to our Newsletter to hear about all the latest promotions, get updates on the hottest new arrivals and enjoy exclusive coupon offers.

Also you can check out our new deals and promotions right on our homepage.