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The Most Fundamental Unit Of Society- Family

Parents Wield incredible power,

The power to build up a young,

innocent life and the power to destroy it.

-David Oh

Hello Darlings!

Recently I started spending my time studying this book by Cafe David (David Oh) on Relationships. One of the chapters is on the influence of a family. This book doesn't tell us how to fix a relationship or how to build one, but one thing I got from this book is how important it is to have a functional and stable family. 

As we all know, no one wants to be in a broken family. No one want to go home to a family feeling frustrated, having no rights, bitter, and etc. Not all families are lucky enough to have family trips together, meal together, family portraits, or even a whatsapp group chat. Sometimes it just takes one simple step to open up a conversation to care. "Hi, miss you!" or "Have you had your lunch", "Weather's burning today, remember to stay hydrated"

The most common way to treating parents were learnt from how the relationship is since young. As we are all grown ups now, we still bring the perception at that point of time when we know nothing and immature. Not many is willing to alter the feelings back then and try to understand the true reason behind the scenario. Little that we know, everything that you dislike and hate is actually out of care and love. 

Change. A key to help a relationship. 

Thank you so much for reading darlings! xoxo

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