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My First Year Of Parenthood

Hello Darlings,

How are you all doing? It felt like I haven been away for too long. Been doing so much since the last. So much has happened and so much accomplished. Today, I'd like to share this story about my first year of being a parent.

Since 18th October 2016, I became a mother and all interesting things happen every single day. Ever since, I am never lonely, rested, and not my usual self (not in a bad way). 

1. Never Lonely:
Being a mother, you are never lonely, you may be a little when your kid is big enough to attend school or you're away for work or any other possible reason. As for me, I am a full-time mother. I attend to my child on everything everyday. Except when there are times that I leave her back in my hometown with my mother for at most a week so I could work on TheaTheo. Otherwise, I have my hands full everyday. 

2. Never rested:

As mentioned, being a full-time mum means doing everything yourself and settles every issue on your own. Basically you don't quite have time on your own to rest except your daily night sleeps. That, I am pretty lucky because ever since Sugar's second month, she has been able to sleep through the night after her midnight milk. So I can get the least of 4 to 6 hours sleep depending on Sugar's sleep. Throughout the day, when there are times when I slack on my chores or work from TheaTheo due to being unwell or just lethargic, I will nap with Sugar. So that is basically how my rest takes place everyday. 

3. Not my usual self:

I am not saying that not being myself anymore is bad. To me it is a new phase of life lived the new me. I am changed by the status and the role that I need to play. I was a lazy bum that needs at least 12 hours of sleep everyday, shopping every week, midnight drive alone to destress, watch movie alone whenever, go out to bar to drink alone at nights, and many more. Now, all these are impossible but I have no complaints. I love staying out of my time with Sugar and be with her to make sure that her daily routine isn't affected and her schedule doesn't mess up. When a baby is born to this world with zero knowledge and no idea on what's going on around, having a routine can keep her grounded and feeling safe. Whenever there are some distractions to mess with their routine, that is when the baby agitates with sense of loss. To protect Sugar from all these, staying with her and entertain her is my leisure at all times. 

In this year, so much has learnt. You will never be ready enough to being a parent. No matter how much of experience you have, and how much you really wanted this life as a parent, once you are really in this stage of life only you will understand and see clearer as a parent's point of view. That is when all the "Karma" hits. HAHA! Anyways, this post may sound as scary as it can be but if you are a parent, you'll know that these are really just something to go through and takes some time getting used to. To all single ladies out there, there isn't really anything that anybody can share with you to make you feel prepared to be a parent. It is all up to you and your little one's chemistry. If you are lucky enough, you get a baby that you can handle easily. If you are not lucky, you get a baby that challenges your limits allowing you to grow rapidly. 

So far, my life has been at its peak. The happiest of my life, and the most fulfilled part. Different people have different set of goals to achieve. To me I have achieved a life that I have always dreamt of. I felt like my heart is full. Thank you Sugar, for the first year of amazingness and to my husband, THANK YOU for this wonderful gift (Sugar), I can never ask for anything else. I love you both! 

Thank you darlings for reading and please take care! xoxo

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