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I Wanted C-section

Greetings Darlings,

I hope you all have been well. It has been awhile since my last blog. A little update to my darlings, TheaTheo is coming up with our very own series of handmade items labeled as our own! Be sure to stay tune and check them out. I am over the moon for it. 

So as per the topic mentioned, yes, I WANTED C-SECTION on my own will. Since I was a teenager, I was exposed to all I have to know about Caesarean Section Delivery. Well, my mum gave birth to me and my brothers through the same way. Now, I am not saying that it is totally safe and better this way. I am sharing what I know and why I chose to have a C-section Delivery. 

What I know about Caesarean Section Delivery?

1. This method is usually advised if there is any complications in your pregnancy or if you could go the usual way- vaginal delivery.

2. C- Section requires a cut horizontal cut about 5 inch long, Depending to how big your baby needs. 

3. The recovery to this method will take much longer than vaginal delivery.

4. The risk to using this method is also higher. 

  • There are epidural/ spinal anaesthesia injections required
  • Full unconsciousness/ half body numbing
  • The cut through 5 layers from skin to pregnancy sac

5. There will be a list of food to avoid, more than the traditional way of postpartum

6. You will not be able to lift anything heavy for at least 3 months to prevent the breakage of the stitches- depending on how fast you recover from the cut.

7. C-section delivery will be much cleaner than vaginal delivery. 

8. This method allows time management and planning to be done since it will all be scheduled which allows planning and arrangements better.

Why I wanted C- Section?

1. I am a person whereby I knew a lot more about Caesarean Section Delivery much more than vaginal delivery since young. It feels more safe since it is not something foreign to hear.

2. Buddhist religion brings me to understand everything about my birth timing, date and also the year of birth. So, I wanted the best one for my daughter, at least that's is the most that I can do for her. 

3. It is also a benefit to my in laws and husband to arrange time to be there with me when I deliver. Since I will be giving birth in a different town than where everyone is, so it would be more convenient.

4. I have a very low pain tolerance level, so instead of wasting my hurting period to give birth which I might faint from it and had to Caesarean anyways, why not just down with the decision to c- section. 

Okay! I hope today's blog isn't too much to take in. I can blog more on this, even more that could last a few days to type. HAHA! Maybe more on what I eat and how I recover and maybe how I loose my pregnancy weight? See you darlings next time! till then please take care and stay tuned to TheaTheo for more interesting products coming up alright? 


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