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How To Keep Your Child Interested And Stay In Place - COBY

Greetings Darlings!

Let's keep it real. Once you become a mother, that's it... all you wanna do is to rest. HAHA! It is really hard to find time to really rest and relax your body, mind, and soul. Gosh... Please duplicate me, I need at least 10 more (ME). Okay, just joking... BUT for real, I am exhausted. Mainly because Thea has turned 8 months old, she is learning how to crawl AND she learned herself how to stand up on her own feet AND also started to work on her steps. That's it, and all my energy and time is pretty much committed to guarding her. If you are also at this stage or have passed it... I feel you girl! 

Times that I really hope to keep her focused:

1. Changing time- Whenever I put her down on her changing station, a loud scream! Followed by a  twist and turn, then... sit up. There you go, every changing time is a NIGHTMARE! 

TIPS: Prepare different toys that she can hold and stare at. Be it toys that are soft-stuffed animal or any toys to soothe her itchy gum. I got a gift from a friend- a white bunny with bell in it, which is great because it produces ringing sound that could catch your angel's attention. *ting ting ting*

2. Feeding time- Especially bottle feed, Thea would fuss and refuse to drink especially after she started solid. *SOBS*

TIPS: Put her down on a doughnut pillow so your angel can rest their head nicely elevated for feeding time. Once she can stay there, facing upwards, that's when you can put on a show for your little one. Show her different object and let them hold onto something (to squeeze or shake to produce sound) DO NOT introduce electronic devices to them too young. Let her feel different textured objects or all she ever will know what flat screen feels like.

3. The rest of her time- You wanna get your little one busy, so you can do other things like chores, cooking or even shower. IF they are not asleep, they will want you to be there. 

TIPS: So, create a playground for them. I have created a playground for her, filled with all kinds of toys that could stimulate her senses and assist her when she wants to stand. Make sure that the playground that you've built up is safe for your angel. Here is a picture of my Sugar's playground.



 This playground, is so good because the mat is like a thick yoga mat, it has memory foam, so soft and waterproof. The fence is also very exciting for my little one, it has a door allowing you little to crawl out and a piece with brain stimulating activity- Fingers training. They are all from the company called COBY. You can get these from the supermarket (AEON, PARKSON, MOTHERHOOD, etc). I got mine from a baby expo with the price RM 700 (mat+fence). 

That is all from me today, I hope you find this post useful, good luck! See you in the next one.

Thank you so much for reading! xoxo

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