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Being A Mother Gave Me Gray Hair- Mealtime Challenges | Daily Schedule

Greetings Darlings!

So sorry for the late update. It has been a very long time since the last time I show myself. I have been a busy bee aside from mother duties, stay home wife chores, a daughter's responsibilities, and lastly my own business ongoing. Okay... those are just a part of it, I guess a major stress factor that contributed to my ageing sign (gray hair) is from my daughter, Sugar. 

Let me explain this, I know many of you will be thinking like it is a common, it is expected, it is not something to complain about, and most of all it is what I have chose to be- a mother... Most mothers out there would understand that every child is different. If your child/ children are angels, great! Fantastic! Good for you! But there are also many parents who struggle with child going through tough sleep, bad appetite, picky, agitated, and etc. 

I guess for myself, I must say, Sugar isn't that hard. REALLY! I swear! I seldom complain about her but one thing that has scored first place in my stress list since the day she was born is MEALTIME. I always admire children who can seek for milk and desire for milk, hungry for food and loves everything that's served. My child is on the total opposite whereby she hates milk, she drinks for the sake of just having it and eat only when she really need to. For a baby who takes in formula milk, I can tell you, we are the family who spends the least on it.

Being a mother who has to worry about the milk intake, 16 oz a day- uhh, can I be the one taking it for her? 

3 meals a day with 2 snack time in between- what? hasn't she just had something? Time for the next one already? How to eat?? 

The Schedule that I personally like to follow is as bellow:

0830- Sugar wakes up, Milk time - 4 oz

0930- Breakfast (sometimes noodles, sometimes porridge, sometimes biscuits)

1000- bathe

1030- milktime -2 oz

1100- nap #1

1300- lunch (mostly rice porridge)

1430- snacktime (cereals, yogurt bites)

1600- milktime- 4oz

1700- bathe

1730- milktime - 2 oz

1800- nap #2

2000- Dinner (usually rice with soup)

2230- sleep

0000- milktime- 4 oz

*** this is really just the ideal days and most of the days if she isn't travelling much, this is schedule that she follows but if disturbed, its messed up haha

Trust me, kid- friendly recipes, ways to sneak in fats to allow your child to gain weight, everything! I've tried! So it is either I am that bad at cooking or she just hates me for feeding her. Everyday my struggle to think of ways to make her eat and appreciate milk. I even gave in to the "no handphone at young age" rule. Milk time- youtube time. That's at least made her drink quietly. 

While I rant in blog on all the struggles i go through, it really isn't a everyday thing. There are good days to it too. When she will chase you in the kitchen to open up snacks and milk box for her, eat in 10 mins, finish her one bottle of 6 oz... those are really good days when you really ask if your prayers were answered. 

As you come to this far you are wondering if there is a point to reading this post. Here it is, I need to post this out because I want to give a big hug to mothers out there who are going through the same struggle as I am, and you are not alone! I haven't found  a solid answer/ way to "how to get your child to eat" yet. So till then wish us all best of luck! Thank you so much for spending your time reading this almost pointless blog. I'll see you in the next one. xoxo!

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