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Allergy Reaction- 8 months old

Hello darlings,

If you can really hear the sound of my voice now, you might panic and ask if someone died. Yes, today marks the day when I have my heart sank so deep, it felt like it fell to my buttocks. My daughter, Sugar (Dorothea) had an allergy reaction. This is the very first time I witnessed an allergy reaction. The story was, I was feeding her lunch, I plated it so presentable so she felt like it must be delicious or giving me some credit on putting so much effort for making it. 

 This is her excited splattering her food everywhere...

Lunch of the day:

1. Soft Ripe Avocado

2. Omelette 

3. Broccoli

4. Carrot

First off, everything on plate was introduced before (several times). I couldn't think of anything that is wrong. All I can think of it may could be olive oil. This is the first time I fry omelette for her at home. Usually she ate our Tamago in our Japanese cuisines. So I had no idea what went wrong. 

In the midst of eating, all of the sudden she started rubbing her face all over and I thought she felt sleepy (usual gesture resemblance). Then, I carried her up slowly I realised something is definitely going on. She had pox on her face forming slowly then vigorously all over her face. I had no chance to brain through it. Immediately my hands started shaking, couldn't feel my heartbeat, can't really breathe, and all I could think of is to rush to the hospital. So I immediately called my boo to rush home and pick us up from the lobby. 

She literally had this all over her face, her eyes were so swollen that she almost couldn't open her eyes. (Sorry couldn't manage to take a picture when i'm in the midst of panic attack)

We then rushed to our nearest hospital- Sunway Medical Centre. Once I walked into the emergency entrance, the staffs are kind enough to quickly attended to me as they can tell Sugar must be in a very uncomfortable state. Started with a temperature test- THANK GOD! she isn't having fever. Then checked her oxygen level... Then we were leaded to the emergency ward. The doctor quickly examined her body and her rashes, he told it was an allergy reaction, breathing wise was alright (worse if the swollen took place in the throat). So the doctor says to pass our case to the paediatrician to stop the reaction.

Once we went into the office, Dr. Chye Joon Kin (Paediatrician) asked with a serious face... "What did you give her?" then I answered as described in the picture. He then told that it is unlikely the olive oil that we initially suspected. It is most likely the main source which could be the egg or the avocado, more to egg. I was curious and mentioned that we introduced eggs before, and she was okay with it. The doctor replied saying that it could be the combination of food... or even the environment factor, it is pretty frustrating because when it comes to allergy, it is really hard to determine until we trial an error. 

In the meanwhile, Sugar is so strong. I am very very proud of her. She is still consoling me by gently touching my face with her palms when I am panicking crying on our way to the hospital. She is still laughing when she can, touching everything as usual, trying to stand on her own, and also grabbing doctor's stuffed animals. Undoubtedly, I gave birth to a very strong and independent girl. #proudmama

So this is it. My experience of my child's first allergy reaction. Advice:

1. Please be hurry to the nearest medical help

2. Wet a towel/ handkerchief to soothe the infected parts

3. Go full blast on A/C so your child isn't irritated.

4. When panic, get a ride instead of driving alone, you don't wanna risk both your child and your life.

5. Do not be guilty for too long (advice from a friend) cause these happens, as a mother you have to be strong. Kids are bound to be sick. Allergy reaction is there to warn you thats it. Be thankful that it when it is a small one rather than a major one.  

Well, that is all from me today. I hope all you mamas are aware of the possibilities and be strong! You mamas are awesome! Cheers! xoxo

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