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All About My Pregnancy (First Trimester)

Hello Darlings!

Welcome back to my blog, how are you mommas doing? As promised in earlier blog, I am posting on this blog to summarise my entire pregnancy. So please get your hot tea ready, here we go!

First Trimester

Once I found out that I am pregnant, I went for a checkup and was told that my pregnancy sac appeared to have some internal bleeding thus the period-like cramps that I am experiencing. That could be due to stress from trying to conceive ( afraid that the period might came- and that I'm not pregnant). So please gals, DO NOT over stress it. After knowing that we successfully conceived Sugar, I am over the moon. The cramps then slowly goes off. In the first trimester, you will have to go back for checkups every 2 weeks to make sure your pregnancy is stable. For the entire first trimester, my schedules are pretty tight and filled with all the planning and arrangements for my Chinese- styled wedding ceremony in two places.

Thus, the common first trimester symptoms:

1. Backache

2. Tiredness/ Dizziness

3. Headaches


1. Rest Your Back- what you can do it to lay flat down and slip in a pillow under your lower back. The cushioning will allow your back to rest properly and soothe the muscles.

2. Eat Well- It is easily feeling lethargic and nausea in the beginning of the pregnancy, so please pack some sweets/ candies, sour plums, and also prefaced biscuits/ muesli bars. These will help to keep your energy intact and replenish your sugar level to avoid being dizzy. 

3. Drink Lots of Water- Headaches may bug you due to the new pills that has to be taken in order to help your little one to develop properly like Folic Acid pills and Calcium pills. These can cause new adjustments to your body, and also cause dehydration to your body. Flood your system with lots of water to allow your body to stay hydrated, this will help reduce the headache that will spoil your mood.

For new mommies, don't feel nervous and overwhelmed. Stay calm, just do what you can to provide. Leave it to your body, it will do everything possible and the best for your baby. So sit back and enjoy your pregnancy. 

Thank you so much for reading! See you in the next one! XOXO

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