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Baby Boy Gift Ideas HaWooo (2018)

Baby Boy Gift Ideas on HaWooo

Hello! You must be eager to find out what products we think is cool for baby boy gift ideas on HaWooo. Fret not! Check out our recommendation below!

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1. Mamaway Baby Swaddle (Website in Chinese)
Mamaway Swaddle.png
This swaddle has antibacterial properties and has a velcro to make sure the baby is wrapped tight! 

Click here to check it out!

2. Mamaway Baby Shoulder Strap (Website in Chinese)

Mamaway Carry Strap

Carry your baby with this huge strap that can cover yout baby from all sides, make sure he is safe from harm. And it's Disney Themed too!

Click here to check it out!

3. Plenty I love DAD Baby Romper (Website in Chinese)

Pretty I Love Dad Baby Romper

Let your little boy wear this with pride. The Signature I love Dad baby Romper with a little korean Twist

Click here to check it out!

4. Mamaway Baby Seat / Stroller Pad (Website in Chinese)
Mamaway Pad.png
With this padding, the baby boy will be kept safe and comfortable where ever he is, whether in the stroller or in the baby carrier. This pad features a 3D lift that gives room for breathability.

Click here to check it out!

That is all that we think is useful and cool gift ideas for baby boy from the HaWooo website. If you think we have missed anything, do comment below so we can add it into out list, till the next blog, stay tuned!

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